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AusCham Cambodia exists to help businesses prosper in Cambodia.  From the minute you first visit our website to all of our subsequent encounters - online and in real life - our goal is to help you be successful. 

If success to you means regularly meeting new people socially, AusCham is for you. If success means participating in presentations and discussions with various experts from different fields – or even presenting to a group of peers, AusCham is also for you.  If having the option of fun family outings with old friends and new appeals to you, we have you covered.  If success looks like something else, talk to us.  We will listen.

 At AusCham events, we have conversations, not speeches. We share knowledge, expertise, contacts, and meals.  The size of your enterprise doesn’t matter to us; only your desire to engage and prosper.

When you join Auscham, you get access to useful information for doing business in Cambodia. You are invited to specialized business seminars and social events.  You can participate in niche gatherings and in activities full of people from all types of enterprises.  In the process, you enhance your circle of friends and business acquaintances –  and see different nooks and crannies of your environment in a relaxed and fun way.

Visit our membership and sponsor page for more details on how to join or send us an email. 

Finally, if you aren’t sure about becoming a member, give us try-on first.  You are welcome to attend most of our events at a non-member rate.  Just send us a note,  and we will add you to our mailing list for events:

For now,  you’re here on our website, so have a look at some of the resources available to bring you up to speed on investing, working, and living in Cambodia.  Thanks for visiting us. 

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