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On 9th November 2015, CEDA released a policy perspective, Global networks: transforming how Australia does business, which examines the importance of global connectedness to Australia’s future prosperity.

Australia’s role in our region and the broader world is rapidly changing. Technological developments and changing global networks are growing international trade, two-way investment, and the exchange of people and ideas. The result is reshaping business practices and revolutionising Australia’s relationships with the rest of the world.

Australia is uniquely well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities created by digital disruption. New global production models provide niches into which Australia can compete, and many Australian businesses are already preparing for and capitalising on the increasingly global marketplace.

In this policy perspective, CEDA examines:

  • Australia’s role in the Asia-Pacific region and the broader world;
  • The benefits of well-structured bilateral trade agreements and how to realise them;
  • How Australia can encourage the free movement of ideas and people; and
  • How technology can shorten tyranny of distance and reduce market entry barriers.

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