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Webinar recording of Tilleke & Gibbins: Intellectual Property in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar

Doing business in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia can often be frustrated by seemingly loose protections afforded to intellectual property (IP) rights, and the proliferation of counterfeit goods. In response to this, the governments of Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar have taken great steps in recent years to protect these valuable commercial assets, strengthen IP laws, and build robust legal regimes for the registration, protection, and enforcement of IP rights. Although these legal frameworks are still developing, the current measures available are sufficient for many savvy companies to register and protect their IP rights and prevent the spread of harmful counterfeit products.

To help companies navigate these measures, Tilleke & Gibbins’ IP team, in collaboration with the Australian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, hosted a webinar entitled, “Intellectual Property in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar” on Tuesday, 2nd February. The recording of this Webinar is available on



President's Message AGM - December 2020

Annual report presented by Auscham President Ashley Irving at the 2020 AGM 2020 Auscham Annual Report[5272]

E-Commerce Good Practice Guides

tradeworthlyCambodia’s digital economy, in particular the e-commerce segment, has experienced rapid growth within the past decade. Internet access, affordability, and uptake have ramped up significantly, and the consumer base is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of absorbing social media, local content, and increasingly smart- phone based value-added services.Tradeworthy - the recipient of a grant from Australia's inaugural E-commerce Aid for Trade, in partnership with Auscham, have produced Good Practice Guides, to assist with the acceleration of e-commerce adoption in Cambodia.The guides layout the e-commerce law and strategies;by categorizes provide step-by-step guidance for SMEs looking to move their business on-line.To download in English: download in Khmer: 
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