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Top 5 questions within 20 minutes to keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Cambodia and key considerations for employers and employees, with DFDL Cambodia

With COVID-19 vaccination drives at the early rollout stage across Southeast Asia, we take this opportunity to look more closely at some of the main questions, concerns and legal issues on the minds of employers and employees during these uncertain times in this video series.

Employment and labor experts, Marion Carles Salmon (Head of Regional Employment and Labor Practice DFDL) and Raksa Chan (Senior Consultant), outline the rights and obligations of employers and employees when it comes to COVID-19 vaccination in Cambodia. Our experts discuss the country vaccination program and any relevant rules and compliance issues to take note of.

Top 5 Questions Discussed:

  1. Can employer require its employees to be vaccinated?
  2. For workplaces with trade unions or other forms of collective representation, is an employer obliged to consult with them prior to implementing employee vaccinations?
  3. Can an employer provide inducements (such as bonuses, wellness programs, etc.) to those employees who undergo vaccination?
  4. Can employers terminate employees who refuse to be vaccinated?
  5. Can an employer require employees who cannot or will not agree to vaccination to refrain from coming to the workplace?

For those that missed the Webinar, the content is available via the link below

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Infinity Cam need u@06May-01[14628]
Help for Those in Need
As many of you are aware the latest Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lock-downs have made life very difficult for certain sectors of Cambodian society. The financial impact on many vulnerable and disadvantaged communities has been significant, making it difficult for families to access the most basic of day-to-day necessities.
Auscham is launching a Covid-19 relief fund to assist these vulnerable communities.
We have done our research and will partner with the following 3 trusted agencies:
Friends International: The organization is providing 250 meals, twice a day to at risk families in Phnom Penh, many of whom were struggling before Covid-19. The majority of the families they are assisting are known to the organization. Through word-of-mouth many more families are turning to the organization for food assistance. Each meal cost Riel 5,000.
M’Lop Tapang: The organization has 17 years of experience working in the Sihanoukville area, providing services for vulnerable Cambodia children and families. They need funding help to provide emergency food supplies for children and families living in poverty who have been further impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.
A standard monthly emergency food package is provided for approximately 75 Cambodian families and their children living in the Sihanoukville area.
Local4Local: They prioritize helping street vendors, and supporting cyclo drivers and street dwellers, and families in the Red zones of Steung Meanchey area, whom are in need of support during the lockdown. Through their fundraised efforts they have extended their support to assist Cambodian Children’s Fund, (Auscham member), supporting 300 families. Each family receives 10kg of rice, 10 packs of noodles, 5 canned fish, 1 soy sauce, 1 fish sauce, 1 salt, and 10 face mask.
We will endeavour to match members’ donations dollar-for-dollar. Details of amounts raised and donated will be made fully available to members.
This is an urgent request; we therefore ask for your kind donations by 21st May.
Donations can be made to:
J. Trust Royal Bank
Account name: Australian Chamber of Commerce, Cambodia
Account number: 151856
Please ensure your name/company details are included in the deposit details.
Thank you and regards,
Committee Auscham Cambodia

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A Second Chance: How Team Australia can Succeed in Asia’ – Report
The171647273_10157595484931783_1655395670049769390_n COVID-19 pandemic and complexity in Australia-China relations provides a rationale for greater economic engagement with Asia. Diversifying our trade partnerships is now an economic and geostrategic necessity and priority should be given to building stronger business connectivity with Japan, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Korea, India and ASEAN.

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The amount of personal data that companies hold on their customers, employees, and other contacts, has grown at an exponential rate in recent years, resulting in major international legislation such as the EU’s GDPR and Thailand’s PDPA to prevent the misuse or such data and empower data subjects. As a result of this landmark legislation, and of the growing international popularity of similar laws and regulations, companies are more aware than ever of their compliance duties relating to personal data, and are keen to understand the requirements in the jurisdictions in which they operate.

Tilleke Webinar Presentation – Laos Personal Data –

Data PrivacyTilleke Webinar Presentation – Myanmar Personal Data –

Data PrivacyTilleke Webinar Presentation – Cambodia Personal Data – Data Privacy(1)

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safe_image.phpAustralian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) recently published the 2021 Why Australia Benchmark Report, which compiles key economic, financial, social and demographic data from respected national and international sources.
Australia is bouncing back quickly from the challenges of COVID-19, thanks to swift public health measures, economic stimulus packages and steady growth in resources, energy and agriculture exports. The new Benchmark Report 2021 has more reasons why Australia is a great investment destination. Please click on the link below to read the report.

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Doing business in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia can often be frustrated by seemingly loose protections afforded to intellectual property (IP) rights, and the proliferation of counterfeit goods. In response to this, the governments of Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar have taken great steps in recent years to protect these valuable commercial assets, strengthen IP laws, and build robust legal regimes for the registration, protection, and enforcement of IP rights. Although these legal frameworks are still developing, the current measures available are sufficient for many savvy companies to register and protect their IP rights and prevent the spread of harmful counterfeit products.

To help companies navigate these measures, Tilleke & Gibbins’ IP team, in collaboration with the Australian Chambers of Commerce in Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar, hosted a webinar entitled, “Intellectual Property in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar” on Tuesday, 2nd February. The recording of this Webinar is available on



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tradeworthlyCambodia’s digital economy, in particular the e-commerce segment, has experienced rapid growth within the past decade. Internet access, affordability, and uptake have ramped up significantly, and the consumer base is becoming increasingly sophisticated in terms of absorbing social media, local content, and increasingly smart- phone based value-added services.

Tradeworthy – the recipient of a grant from Australia’s inaugural E-commerce Aid for Trade, in partnership with Auscham, have produced Good Practice Guides, to assist with the acceleration of e-commerce adoption in Cambodia.

The guides layout the e-commerce law and strategies;by categorizes provide step-by-step guidance for SMEs looking to move their business on-line.

To download in English:

To download in Khmer:


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We kindly ask you to take a few minutes to complete an on-line members’ feed-back survey. The results of the survey will assist the committee in gathering important data and ideas as to how we can build stronger links and relationships with our members. We will collate this information and make available the results.

We hope to get some useful feedback and ideas from you. 

Thank you in advance.

Auscham Cambodia’s four Strategic Priorities are:

  1.  Focus on the Members and Their Needs – We are here for our businesses and for our members. This is the sole reason why we exist. We are here to serve you and to stand with you.
  2. Help Build Relationships and Connect – As a Chamber, our purpose is built upon people. We are here to help you develop your network, social and business, and enhance relationships.  Strong relationships not only help business, they help our community thrive.
  3. Be a Community – Our Chamber strives to achieve a sense of community for all our members. We will do whatever we can to foster that feeling of belonging and inclusiveness
  4. Provide Education & Insights – supporting Australians living, working and doing business in Cambodia, along with Cambodian businesses with an Australian connection.We will provide timely programs focused on topics that you as a community member or business owner need to know.

To complete the survey please click on the following link:

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Recording of Webinar: Impact of Covid-19 on Australian Business in ASEAN

Australia and ASEAN are experiencing lower global demand for goods and services as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Projections for economic activity and trade volumes remain uncertain for Australian businesses operating in the ASEAN region. In response to that, the AustCham ASEAN and the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA), with support from Australia, will host a public roundtable to discuss the challenges and strategies of Australian Businesses operating in the ASEAN region.
Welcome remarks:
  • Koji Hachiyama, COO, ERIA
Keynote speech:
  • Will Nankervis, Ambassador-Designate, Australian Mission to ASEAN
  • Chau Ta, President, AustCham ASEAN
  • John Ackerman, Founding Director of PT Mitra Asia Lestari
  • Intan Murnira Ramli, Policy Fellow, ERIA

To view details of this virtual presentation, please click on the following link